Alexander (Alex) Telfar

PhD Student
I think of myself as a computer scientist. But don't hold that against me. My interests also span many of the sciences; phys., chem., bio., neuro...
In fact, science itself is what really interests me. The "scientific method" is really a set of rules and heuristics that helps us make inferences about the universe. I want to write down these rules and ask a computer to follow them. I want to automate science.

I started a PhD in the Cronin lab (August 2020) because they share the goal of automating science. They (now we!) are building robots and algorithms that will intelligently explore chemical spaces, searching for useful, novel or unusual compounds.

I have a bachelors of engineering (mechanical) from UC and a Masters of Computer Science (reinforcement learning) from VUW.
I have also briefly worked in industry as a machine learning developer at NEC.

If you are keen to say hi, or chat about (pretty much anything related to) science, you can find me on twitter or by email.