Dr. Balamurugan Kandasamy

Post Doctoral Researcher
After completion of my graduation in India, I worked with Dr. John Errington, Newcastle University for my PhD, and successfully obtained the degree on 2012. The aim of my PhD was to synthesis and characterization of multifunctional Lindqvist type POMs in non-aqueous medium. In 2013, I was offered postdoctoral position by Prof. Ulrich Kortz at Jacobs University, Bremen in the area of discovery of novel Ga, Te and organotellurium containing POMs. After that, I moved to India to serve as an Assistant professor on contract basis at CUTN during 2015 to 2016. Then, I moved to City University of Hong Kong to work with Prof. V.A.L. Roy as a postdoctoral researcher for an year. During this period, I crossed the POM boundaries and explored the how classical inorganic complexes can be used as molecular memory devices. In Winter 2017, I joined as a postdoctoral researcher with Prof. Klemperer UIUC, USA, where my responsibility was to optimize the synthetic conditions of Pt containing POMs. In Prof. Cronin group, I would be in several collaborative projects such as self-assembly of polyoxomolybdates, and preparation of POM based organic-inorganic hybrid materials and energy related POM work.
Outside of the laboratory, I watch movies and listening music, and playing cricket.