Bartosz M Matysiak

PhD Student
During my BSc studies in chemistry at University of Warsaw spent in the group of Józef Mieczkowski (working on self-assembly of nanoparticles driven by liquid crystals and photoswitches) I went for an Erasmus+ internship with Sijbren Otto at University of Groningen, where I’ve worked on antiparallel dynamic covalent chemistries.
Once I got my diploma I came back to Groningen for my MSc studies in nanoscience, during which I’ve spent 3 months working on self-assembly of quantum dot superlattices on air-liquid interface with Maria Antonietta Loi.
Afterwards I rejoined Sijbren Otto’s group to work on dissipative molecular networks, which brought me to reinvestigating the properties of maleamic acids.
At last I’ve arrived at Glasgow in August 2019 to pursue my PhD studies in nonlinear systems within the Cronin group.