Dr. Christoph Busche

I recently have been working on the application of polyoxometalates for improving known and developing new CMOS devices. This approach is particularly promising because of the use of metal oxides in both the POMs and existing CMOS devices, which make both parts compatible. It is a fascinating interdisciplinary field between fundamental research in chemistry and the development of applications in engineering. Having a classical coordination chemistry background, it is intriguing for me to use now an “all metal approach” to coordinate active centres with equally active polyoxometalate ligands. My work focuses mainly on the electronic and magnetic properties of POM enclosed atoms. These changeable properties are the key to electronic applications such as sensors, switches or new data memory.

My previous work focussed on the effects of coordination geometry on the magnetic behaviour of transition metal complexes; the bispidine ligands I was using have a rigid backbone but a flexible and versatile coordination sphere. This unique feature enabled me to investigate the influence of small geometric changes on the magnetic behaviour. Furthermore, I could introduce a photoactive centre to the bispidine ligand, which shows an energy transfer and, due to this, an increase of the catalytic activity in the used complexes. My interest in multimetallic compounds started during my ERASMUS stay at the University of Strathclyde with the investigation of Schiff base ligands. The interaction of metal centres within a ligand system and there possible applications were always my biggest interest.

My private hobbies are hill waking, HEMA and photography, especially alternative photographic methods like cyanotype, argyrotype and other iron-based printing methods.

Group Publications

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