Dr. Davide Angelone

Post Doctoral Researcher
Phone:   0141 330 2536
I obtained my Master in Chemistry from the University of Rome "Sapienza" (Italy) in 2011.
In the early 2016 I obtained the Ph.D. degree from the University of Groningen (Netherlands) after working on unraveling the reaction mechanism of transition metal complexes catalyzing organic molecules oxidations.
In 2016 I started to work at the IQCC (Universitat de Girona, Catalunya) as postdoctoral researcher studying the activation of molecular oxygen as oxidant mediated by transition metal complexes.
In the late 2017 I joined the Cornin group where I'm woring in the areas of digital chemistry.

Outside of the laboratory my hobbies and passions are: languages, technology, hiking and cycling.

Group Publications

1. Organic synthesis in a modular robotic system driven by a chemical programming language, S. Steiner, J. Wolf, S. Glatzel, A. Andreou, J. Granda, G. Keenan, T. Hinkley, G. Aragon-Camarasa, P. J. Kitson, D. Angelone, L. Cronin, Science, 2019, 363, 144-152