Dr. Yu (Ernest) Liu

Post Doctoral Researcher
I obtained my PhD in Applied Mathematics and Statistics from Uppsala University (Sweden) in 2018, under supervision of Prof. David Sumpter, focusing on modelling origin of life. My PhD thesis was titled as “Modelling Evolution: From non-life, to life, to a variety of life” (by the way, I obtained my Master degree is in Plasma Physics, focusing on magnetic confinement fusion, and Bachelor degree is in Physics, from Sichuan University, China).
After PhD, I first joined Prof. Matthias Heinemann’s group in University of Groningen (the Netherlands) for 9 months, to work on building a synthetic cell, to be specific, on the budding mechanisms of yeast cells;
then worked in Mittag-Leffler Institut in Stockholm (Sweden) for 3.5 months under the program “Mathematical Biology”, focusing on developing (further) modelling of origin of life.
In July 2019, I joined Prof. Cronin's group as a postdoctoral researcher, focusing on artificial life modelling.

Outside the lab, I enjoy designing and making models (e.g., papercraft), popularising science, writing sci-fi, sketching, playing table tennis, swimming, etc. Here is my personal website: