Dr. Goutam Prasanna Kar

Post Doctoral Researcher
I grew up in West Bengal, India. After completing a BSc and MSc in Chemistry from IIT Guwahati, I moved to the Indian Institution of Science (IISc Bangalore) for a PhD. During the PhD tenure till 2018, my research interest was in preparing functional polymer composites and blends filled with dielectric and magnetic nanoparticles. Polymer tethered carbonaceous nanoparticles such as carbon nanotubes (CNTs), graphene was optimally dispersed in polymer blends to achieve high conductivity with the goal of improving EMI shielding efficiency. Overall, a structure-property correlation was made in binary immiscible polymer blends. Currently, in Prof. Cronin Lab I am exploring the immense potentiality of 3D printed polymer composites and blends.
Outside my research works I enjoy trekking, training for marathon and of course cooking.