Gregoris Vougioukas

I studied chemistry at University of Crete, Greece (2012-2016). My BsC thesis was in organic chemistry where I worked on organic synthesis and catalysis by gold nano-particles. After I graduated I started my masters at University of Crete in the field of Analytical Chemistry (2016 - 2018) were I spent most of the time working on mass spectrometry and bioanalytical techniques. My thesis title was: Surface analysis of solid samples using Easy Ambient Sonic-spray Ionization - Mass Spectrometry.
In July 2019 I joined Cronin group for an Erasmus internship were I experienced POMs synthesis. I am interested in the combination of biology and chemistry and I get excited by the interaction of bio-molecules with inorganic compounds.
I also enjoy travelling, photography, vlogging, hiking and kickboxing.