Irene Suarez Marina

Phone:   0141 330 4595

Group Publications

4. Integrated synthesis of nucleotide and nucleosides influenced by amino acids, I. Suarez Marina, Y. M. Abul-Haija, R. Turk-MacLeod, P. S. Gromski, G. J. T. Cooper, A. Olive Olive, S. Colon-Santos, L. Cronin, Communications Chemistry, 2019, 28, Article 2
3. Integrated Synthesis of Nucleotide and Nucleosides Directed by Amino Acids, I. Suarez Marina, R. Turk-MacLeod, Y. M. Abul-Haija, P. S. Gromski, G. J. T. Cooper, L. Cronin, ChemRxiv, 2018
2. Miller–Urey Spark-Discharge Experiments in the Deuterium World, G. J. T. Cooper, A. J. Surman, J. McIver, S. Colon-Santos, P. S. Gromski, S. Buchwald, I. Suarez Marina, L. Cronin, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2017, 56, 8079-8082
1. Formation of oligopeptides in high yield under simple programmable conditions, M. Rodriguez, A. J. Surman, G. J. T. Cooper, I. Suarez Marina, Z. Hosni, M. P. Lee, L. Cronin, Nat. Commun., 2015, 6, 8385