Dr. Jean-Patrick Francoia

Phone:   0141 330 2536
After obtaining my PhD in 2016, I moved to Glasgow to join the group of Prof. Lee Cronin as a postdoctoral research associate.

I'm now part of the "reactionware" team, which aims to digitize organic chemistry through, for example, 3D printed reactors.

In my day-to-day work, I research new techniques to improve the capabilities of these reactors.

On my spare time, I am interested in 3D printing and programming (I am the main developer of ChemBrows:, a software to keep up to date with the current literature).


Group Publications

1. Digitization of multistep organic synthesis in reactionware for on-demand pharmaceuticals, P. Kitson, G. Marie, J-P. Francoia, S. Zalesskiy, R. Sigerson, J. S. Mathieson, L. Cronin, Science, 2018, 359, 314-319