Dr. Jennifer Mathieson

Phone:   0141 330 3380
After completing my MSci in Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Glasgow in 2007, I joined the Cronin group to undertake a PhD using mass spectrometry to probe the self-assembly, reactivity and structure of supramolecular architectures, which I completed in May 2011. I am now in a Postdoctoral role in the Cronin group where I carry out research into using variable temperature mass spectrometry to observe previously unknown/unseen reactive intermediates, whilst also being in charge of the day-to-day running of the mass spectrometery service in the group.

Group Publications

18. An Electrospray Mass Spectrometry Investigation into the Formation of CPO-27, M. H. Rosnes, J. S. Mathieson, R. E. Johnsen, K. W. Tornroos, L. Cronin, P. D. C. Dietzel, Cryst. Growth Des., 2019, 19, 2089-2096
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