Dr. Jessica (Jess) Bame

Post Doctoral Researcher
Email:   jessica.bame
I have been doing chemistry research since I was 19, starting at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I worked under Professor Nadja Cech and RTI International isolating antimicrobial compounds from natural products. My primary project was isolating and identifying a previously unknown antimicrobial compound (Sarothrin, active against S. aureus) from Alkanna orientalis, leading to my first publication. During my undergraduate studies, I studied solvent effects on the Nuclear Overhauser Effect (NOE) with strychnine at the University of Bristol during the summer of 2010 with Professor Craig Butts, which would later lead me to do my PhD there. After receiving my bachelors in chemistry with concentration in research, I went first to the Georgia Institute of Technology and analysed sphingolipid concentrations in biological tissues using liquid chromatography/ mass spectrometry. After receiving my masters in chemistry, I went to the University of Bristol and studied NMR, particularly the NOE effect in small molecules for improved distance determination and structural elucidation. I am an analytical chemist with who uses chromatography, mass spectrometry and NMR synergistically to solve questions of chemical space, from components of a mixture to a full 3D structural assignment of small molecules.