Luzian Porwol

Phone:   0141 330 4595
I studied Chemistry at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern (Germany) and graduated with a Diploma Degree in Organic Chemistry in 2012.

During my Diploma thesis "Substituierte β-Cyclodextrinderivate mit nucleophilen Zentren an der weiteren Öffnung des Cyclodextrinrings als Scavenger für neurotoxische Organophosph(on)ate" in the working group of Prof. Dr. Stefan Kubik, I synthesized and purified several novel cyclodextrin derivatives in order to study their ability to mediate degradation of certain organophosphates and phosphonates.

I first joined the Cronin group for an Erasmus research internship (3 months) in 2010. In this time I studied the synthesis of palladium-polyoxometalates. I came back for a PhD in September 2012. My area of research is the discovery of novel complex molecular architectures in continuous flow, using linear and networked reaction approaches. The investigations are assisted by different in-line analytical techniques such as IR, UV, MS and NMR; to follow the programmed synthetic steps in real time.

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