Dr. Michal Bajczyk

Post Doctoral Researcher
I obtained an MSc degree in chemistry as well as an MSc degree in biochemistry at the Jagiellonian University, Cracow. During that time I worked not only as a scientist but also as a pyrotechnician, whose performances regularly contributed to the popularisation of chemistry in Cracow.

I completed my PhD studies in the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, where I conducted the research regarding life-like chemical systems as well as the ability thereof to transfer oscillatory signals. I also co-created a variety of chemical software, some of which was later purchased by Merck.

I happily joined the Cronin Group in October 2020 and now I am a proud member of the Chemoinformatics team. I am mostly interested in systems chemistry and synthetic biology, particularly in regard to neural sciences.

Outside of work, I enjoy perfecting my Italian cuisine.