Dr. Phil Kitson

Senior Researcher
Phone:   0141 330 3380
After completing my MSci in Chemistry at the University of Glasgow in 2005, I joined the Cronin group to undertake a PhD on the design, synthesis, coordination behaviour and supramolecular interactions of imidazo-phenanthridine based ligands, which was completed in 2009. Since then I have worked as a post doctoral researcher in the Cronin group with interests in the graphical representation of chemical systems and using 3D printing techniques to develop new platforms for chemical methodologies.

Group Publications

4. 3D designed and printed chemical generators for on demand reagent synthesis, S. Zalesskiy, P. Kitson, P. Frei, A. Bubliauskas, L. Cronin, Nat. Commun., 2019, 10, 5496
3. Digitization of multistep organic synthesis in reactionware for on-demand pharmaceuticals, P. Kitson, G. Marie, J-P. Francoia, S. Zalesskiy, R. Sigerson, J. S. Mathieson, L. Cronin, Science, 2018, 359, 314-319
2. 3D Printed Flow Plates for the Electrolysis of Water: an Economic and Adaptable Approach to Device Manufacture, G. Chisholm, P. Kitson, N. Kirkaldy, L. Bloor, L. Cronin, Energy Environ. Sci., 2014, 7, 3026-3032
1. Configurable 3D-Printed millifluidic and microfluidic "lab on a chip" reactionware devices, P. Kitson, M. Rosnes, V. Sans, V. Dragone, L. Cronin, Lab on a chip, 2012, 12, 3267-3271