Przemyslaw (Przemek) Frei

PhD Student
I completed my Mchem degree in Chemistry with Drug Discovery at the University of Strathclyde in spring 2017. During my time at Strathclyde I synthesised a series of novel anti-microbial and anti-parasitic compounds which worked through the principle of targeted DNA affinity. I also took part in development of a new multicomponent reaction, giving rise to new alkyl halide compounds built on a pyridine scaffold.
I joined Prof Cronin’s group in autumn 2017 and I am currently working with the Chemputer (Reactionware) team on adapting multi-step organic syntheses to 3D printed cartridges.

Group Publications

1. Intuition-enabled Machine Learning beats the Competition when Joint Human-Robot Teams per-form Inorganic Chemical Experiments, V. Duros, J. Grizou, A. Sharma, S. Hessam M. Mehr, A. Bubliauskas, P. Frei, H. N. Miras, L. Cronin, JCIM, 2019, 59, 2664-2671