Robert Pow

PhD Student
I started in the Cronin Group as an undergraduate project student in 2015, followed by an internship prior to commencing a PhD in 2016. Throughout my time in the group I have focused on molybdenum-based polyoxometalate species, with an emphasis on the production on complex inorganic structures and host-guest interactions within such systems. Utilising NMR to analyse structures and behaviours, in addition to traditional POM characterisation techniques, has been a primary driver in my research. Outside of research I have an interest in both playing and watching many sports, primarily football, running, and MMA.

Group Publications

1. Stereoselective Assembly of Gigantic Chiral Molybdenum Blue Wheels Using Lanthanide ions and Amino Acids, W. Xuan, R. Pow, N. Watfa, Q. Zheng, A. J. Surman, D. -L. Long, L. Cronin, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2019, 141, 1242-1250