Sebastian Steiner

Phone:   0141 330 2536
I studied Chemistry at the Vienna University of Technology and graduated with a Diploma Degree in 2015. Before starting to work on my Diploma thesis "Towards the Total Synthesis of Elisabethin A", I participated in a project in wich I developed a controller and GUI for a custom-made cooling device and conducting flow chemistry experiments. As a result I became fascinated with the thought of using automation for doing chemical research.

When I learned about the Cronin group I immediately applied for a PhD position. After a mind-boggling visit in Glasgow I joined the group in 2015. My area of research is the exploration of chemical reactions with complex outcome and their relation to the origins of life. I also try to learn as much as I can about engineering, programming, automation and integration in the process.

Outside the lab I relieve stress with swordplay, climbing and diving, enjoy cooking, a good book and a nice glass of Scotch, or slack off in front of a video game.

Group Publications

1. Organic synthesis in a modular robotic system driven by a chemical programming language, S. Steiner, J. Wolf, S. Glatzel, A. Andreou, J. Granda, G. Keenan, T. Hinkley, G. Aragon-Camarasa, P. J. Kitson, D. Angelone, L. Cronin, Science, 2019, 363, 144-152