Stephanie Colon

PhD Student
Phone:   0141 330 2536
In May 2015 I completed my studies in Chemistry at the University of Puerto Rico, where I performed research in environmental analytical chemistry with the Atmospheric Chemistry and Aerosols Research group (ACAR). Intending to start a PhD, I first wanted to expand my expertise in a different area. I learned about the work of the Cronin group and was delighted to be offered the opportunity to take part in their research starting an internship in the group in mid-June 2015. Currently, my research here involves an offline validation for the online analysis of complex systems through Gas Chromatography/ Mass-Spect (GC/MS).

Research interests: Analytical/instrumental chemistry, real-time/online analysis, modelling and automation.

Other interests: Creative writing, reading (I have a second bachelor’s degree in Spanish literature, but enjoy in all sorts of written expression), cooking/baking, dancing and good live music.

Group Publications

1. Miller–Urey Spark-Discharge Experiments in the Deuterium World, G. J. T. Cooper, A. J. Surman, J. McIver, S. Colon-Santos, P. S. Gromski, S. Buchwald, I. Suarez Marina, L. Cronin, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2017, 56, 8079-8082