Stuart Marshall

Financial Coordinator, PhD Student
Phone:   0141 330 8262
I joined the group in 2012. I am responsible for financial and research administration of the Cronin Group research portfolio. In 2015 I started a part-time PhD in the area of mathematical chemistry.

Group Publications

4. Quantifying the Pathways to Life using Assembly Spaces, S. M. Marshall, D. G. Moore, A. R. G. Murray, S. I. Walker, L. Cronin, Arxiv, 2019
3. Defining Pathway Assembly and Exploring its Applications, A. R. G. Murray, S. M. Marshall, L. Cronin, Arxiv, 2018
2. A probabilistic framework for identifying biosignatures using Pathway Complexity, S. M. Marshall, A. Murray, L. Cronin, Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A., 2017, 375
1. A Probabilistic Framework for Quantifying Biological Complexity, S. M. Marshall, A. R. G. Murray, L. Cronin, Arxiv, 2017