Dr. Vincenza Dragone

Phone:   0141 330 4595
I graduated from the University of Perugia in “Chimica e tecnologie farmaceutiche” in 2011. I have started to work with flow chemistry in order to develop a pathway dependent organic chemistry system platform; recently I have also started to study and work with 3D-printing technologies, and I am interested in combining 3D-printing techniques with flow chemistry. During my spare time I like to explore Scotland with friends and plan trips in Europe

Group Publications

6. Controlling an organic synthesis robot with machine learning to search for new reactivity, J. Granda, L Donina, V. Dragone, D. -L. Long, L. Cronin, Nature, 2018, 559, 377-381
5. An autonomous organic reaction search engine for chemical reactivity, V. Dragone, V. Sans, A. Henson, J. Granda, L. Cronin, Nat. Commun., 2017, 8, 15733
4. A self optimizing synthetic organic reactor system using real-time in-line NMR spectroscopy, V. Sans, L. Porwol, V. Dragone, L. Cronin, Chem. Sci., 2015, 6, 1258-1264
3. Combining 3D printing and liquid handling to produce user-friendly reactionware for chemical synthesis and purification, P. J. Kitson, M. D. Symes, V. Dragone, L. Cronin, Chem. Sci., 2013, 4, 3099-3103
2. 3D-printed devices for continuous-flow organic chemistry, V. Dragone, V. Sans, M. H. Rosnes, P. J. Kitson, L. Cronin, Beilstein J. Org. Chem., 2013, 9, 951-959
1. Configurable 3D-Printed millifluidic and microfluidic "lab on a chip" reactionware devices, P. Kitson, M. Rosnes, V. Sans, V. Dragone, L. Cronin, Lab on a chip, 2012, 12, 3267-3271