Zoe Sinclair

PhD Student
I studied Chemistry as an undergraduate at the University of Glasgow, graduating in June 2018. During my final year I undertook a project in The Cronin Group investigating the host-guest chemistry of polyoxometalates and sugars. I am now working as an intern over the summer before beginning a PhD in the Autumn. Outside of the lab I love playing and coaching hockey, cooking and playing the piano and trumpet.

Group Publications

1. Enantioselective Recognition of Chiral Guests by the Water-Soluble Chiral [Mo132O372(H2O)72(x-Lactate)30]42- Nanocapsules, N. Watfa, W. Xuan, Z. Sinclair, R. Pow, Y. M. Abul-Haija, D. -L. Long, L. Cronin, ChemRxiv, 2019