The LVN group at the University of Glasgow was established in June 2019, and is always looking for new members – see below for more information.

First year PhD students – starting October 2020

Mr Daniel Malcolm – I’m a first year PhD student working within the LVN group. I’m working on improving the feasibility of inverse design for POMs and POM-based frameworks. In my spare time I like to hike, play guitar, read and ceilidh.

Jake Thompson: Hello, I am a first year PhD student working with the LVN group and Dr. Rebeca Gonzalez- Cabaleiro Lecturer Infrastructure & Environment (School of Engineering). Biological nitrogen fixation is accomplished by the action of complex enzyme known as nitrogenase. Our aim is to design a new bio-inspired catalyst capable of fixating nitrogen like our biological counterparts and removing the obligation to employ the current, energy intensive Haber-Bosch methodology.

MSci students – starting September 2020

Antonio India: I am a final year student (MSci) working with the LVN group on origami-inspired materials and computational models to understand metal oxide frameworks. My favourite hobbies include reading (especially Murakami’s books), digital art and listening to Jazz music


Daniel Malcolm: 2019-2020 final year undergrad embarking on a PhD in LVN-group