Current Group Members

4th Years
Stephen Morrison, Liam Adair

3rd Years
Alan Jeuken

2nd Year
Alex Ftiniakos, Mohammad Alkattan

1st Year
Carolina Ojeda

Masters Students
Emma Campbell



Stephen Morrison is from Glasgow, Scotland. He graduated from the University of Glasgow in July 2013 with an MSci in Medicinal Chemistry, which included an industrial placement at Procter & Gamble’s research institute in Newcastle, England. During his final year as a undergraduate he worked with Dr Richard Hartley on the synthesis of mitochondrial targeted selective uncoupling molecules.

He joined the Prunet group in October 2013, and is currently working on the synthesis of bioactive polymers, which is a conjoined project with Prof Robert Liskamp. Outside of the lab he enjoys running and reading, as well as volunteer work for the British Red Cross.



Liam is rom Biggar, Scotland, and graduated from University of Glasgow with an MSci in Medicinal Chemistry. He worked with Rudi Marquez on the synthesis of CJ-15,801 analogues as potential antimalarial CoA Biosynthesis Inhibitors. He then started a PhD in 2013 with Rudi working on Ajudazol B: Synthetic strategy and studies. He joined the Prunet group in October 2015.
He is a big music fan, and in his spare time enjoys playing the guitar, and going to gigs and festivals
Self described: “Football fan, avid spectator, amazingly average fives player. Bouldering enthusiast and enjoy cooking and travelling”



Alan is from Utrecht, The Netherlands. He graduated from the University of York in July 2014 with an MChem in Chemistry. In his final undergraduate year he worked with Dr. Paul Clark on a stereodivergent oxa‐Michael reaction and its applications towards the total synthesis of phorboxazole. He joined the Prunet group in October 2014, and is currently working towards the total synthesis of thapsigargin and analogues. Alan’s hobbies and interests include going to gigs, playing Ultimate Frisbee and travelling.


From the island of Andros in Greece, he moved to London 2011-2014 to do a bachelor in chemistry at Queen Mary University of London. He then continued to do an MSci research (again at Queen Mary) , with project title “Synthesis of unusual non proteinogenic amino acids”. Joined Prunet group 2015 and working on total synthesis of Dolabelide C as well as methodology for the synthesis of tri-substituted olefins using silicon tethered ring closing metathesis. Outside the lab he enjoys skateboarding, spearfishing, hiking and driving motorbikes.

Carolina OJEDA


Andrea Carolina Ojeda-Porras is from Bogota, Colombia. She received her bachelor’s degrees in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering in 2014 from Universidad de los Andes. In the same year, she started her M.Sc under the supervision of Dr. Diego Gamba-Sanchez and obtained her degree in 2016. Her research in Gamba’s group was focused on the development of new synthetic methodologies for amides and thioamides with high atom-economy as well as the study of the Pummerer reaction toward the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds. She joined the Prunet group in October 2016 and is currently working in the synthesis of an advanced intermediate of Taxol. Outside of the lab she enjoys dancing and reading, as well as swimming and riding horses.



Emma is from the Isle of Lewis, Scotland and is in her final year of an MSci in Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Glasgow with a year spent in industry as a process chemist with GlaxoSmithKline. She joined the Prunet group in October 2016 and is currently working towards the total synthesis of Corynesidone. Emma’s hobbies include cycling, travelling and attempting to cook.