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Photographs of liverworts.

The current collection consists of:

Adelanthus decipiens Adelanthus decipiens

Aneura pinguis Aneura pinguis

Cryptothallus mirabilis Cryptothallus mirabilis

Herbertus aduncus Herbertus aduncus
ssp. hutchinsiae

Herbertus borealis Herbertus borealis

Jamesoniella colorata Jamesoniella colorata

Mastigophora woodsii Mastigophora woodsii

Pedinophyllum interruptum Pedinophyllum interruptum

Plagiochila sporophyte Plagiochila lechleri

Plagiochila asplenioides Plagiochila asplenioides

Plagiochila atlantica Plagiochila heterophylla
syn. P. atlantica

Plagiochila britannica Plagiochila britannica

Plagiochila carringtonii Plagiochila carringtonii

Plagiochila exigua Plagiochila exigua

Plagiochila killarniensis Plagiochila bifaria
(syn. P. killarniensis)

Plagiochila porelloides Plagiochila porelloides

Plagiochila punctata Plagiochila punctata

Plagiochila spinulosa Plagiochila spinulosa

Riccardia prehensilis Riccardia prehensilis

Symphyogyna circinata Symphyogyna circinata

Trichocolea tomentella Trichocolea tomentella

There are more photographs on Alan Hale's 'Mosses and Liverworts in Wales' web site.
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