Welcome to the Hartley Group


In our group we are using chemical biology to address critical questions such as

  1. How do we age?

  2. Can degeneration be prevented or reversed?

  3. How should we treat heart attacks and strokes?

Our multidisciplinary research is linked up with biomedical teams in the UK and world-wide.

Use these pages to find out more about our current work.

You can apply for a PhD here (naming me as your intended supervisor)

Richard C. Hartley
Professor of Chemical Biology
Room C403C
WestCHEM School of Chemistry
University of Glasgow
Glasgow G12 8QQ
Scotland, UK

Telephone: +44 (0) 141 330 4398
FAX: +44 (0) 141 330 4888

email: Richard.Hartley@glasgow.ac.uk

twitter: @ChemBioGlasgow