David Jackson

Professor S. David Jackson
Department of Chemistry, Joseph Black Building,
University of Glasgow, Glasgow G12 8QQ.
 Tel: 0141-330-4443; Fax: 0141-330-4888; E-mail: sdj@chem.gla.ac.uk

Professor Jackson has over 150 publications in the area of catalysis, and is an author of 13 patents. [Full Biography]
Research Interests

My specific research interests lie in six overlapping areas, i) metal catalysed hydrogenation, ii) heterogeneous catalysis in fine chemicals synthesis, iii) catalyst activation and catalyst deactivation, iv) dehydrogenation, v) adsorption, and vi) base catalysis. All of which fall within the concepts of the Catalysis Research Centre set up at Glasgow:

For more information about each of these areas, see the individual pages below:

Metal Catalysed Hydrogenation

Catalyst Activation/Deactivaton



Base Catalysis

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