DIRDIF-2008 is a program for solving crystal structures. Major features are the use of Patterson methods, and special direct methods for solving symmetry problems. Powerful procedures are provided for the use of chemical knowledge to solve difficult structures.

The DIRDIF-2008 program is written by Paul T. Beurskens and coworkers of the University of Nijmegen, Netherlands and is available for a variety of other platforms from the official DIRDIF website.

DIRDIF-2008 for Windows is the Windows implementation of the latest DIRDIF release (2008.3). See the included manual for full details. It is provided free of charge for academic, scientific, educational and non-commercial users, provided its use is acknowledged. It runs under all flavors of Windows, including Windows 7 & 8

DIRDIF-2008 is now included as an integral program in WinGX. The stand-alone version available below is now deprecated and unsupported.

Download DIRDIF-2008 for Windows
No licence is needed, but commercial users should still contact Paul Beurskens.