Software Downloads

All the programs here are compiled as 32-bit Windows executables. They will work on all flavours of Windows (2000/XP/VISTA/7/8/10/11) including the 64-bit operating systems.

NOTE: WinGX and Ortep for Windows NO LONGER need you to set any environment variables. Just install over your previous installation and after running the programs for the first time you can remove the WINGXDIR & ORTEPDIR environment variables from your list.

Newly compiled versions (23rd July 2023) of WinGX, Ortep & PWT are now available, which should have mutually compatible library files, plus some minor bug-fixes.

WinGX version 2023.1 (released 23rd July 2023)
Ortep version 2023.1 (released 23rd July 2023)
PLATON & PLATON for Windows Toolbar (PWT)

DIRDIF-2008(stand alone version, now deprecated and unsupported)

Archive of the GX FORTRAN source code