WinGX and Ortep-3 Licenses

WinGX and Ortep-3 for Windows require a license. Please submit a license request to obtain the license by return email. Follow the instructions given in the email to install the license.

Please note that ALL fields need to be FILLED IN or SELECTED to obtain a license.

Separate requests need to be made for WinGX and Ortep-3 for Windows licenses. One license is valid for multiple machines and versions of Windows and for future program updates, i.e. you only need to request a license ONCE.

Please use an official email address (i.e. from your institution) if at all possible and PLEASE ENSURE that it is correct - otherwise you will receive nothing!

If you do not receive an email, it may be because it is rejected as SPAM by your local mail server. There is nothing I can do about this, please consult your IT officer.

Please click here to submit a license request. If you get a message that the licence request has failed, it is usually because you have given a too short affiliation address. Please try the licence form again using a full affiliation name.