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Heavy Metals used in Protein Crystallography:

Heavy atoms in the Periodic Table

Crystallization Techniques:

Streak Seeding

Macro Seeding

Screening Techniques


Proteins that bind Phosphate moieties

Detergents for Protein Crystallization

Protein Heterogeneity and its effects on resolution

Epitaxial Seeding

ICCBM Crystallization Meetings:

ICCBM-7 Granada (Spain) 3-8 May 1998 (Organizer: J. Garcia-Ruiz)

ICCBM-6 see: Journal of Crystal Growth.

Hiroshima, Japan 12-17 November 1995 (Organizers: T. Ashida, H. Komatsu)

ICCBM-5 see: Acta Crystallographica Section D Volume 50,

San Diego, California, USA, 8-13 August 1993 (Organizers: E. Stura, J. Sowadski, E. Villafranca)

ICCBM-4 see: Jornal of Crystal Growth 122

Freiburg, Germany 18-24 August 1991 (Organizers: J. Stezowski and W. Littke)


Erythropoietin Receptor

Guanine Nucleotide Dissociation Inhibitor (GDI)

Glycinamide Ribotide Transformylase

Deoxyribose-5-phosphate Aldolase

Tissue Factor



Catalytic Antibodies - Abzymes

Thermus Thermophilus CuA protein


ADP-Ribosyl Cyclase

Glycogen Phosphorylase b

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