The Murrie Research Group

Molecular Magnetism, High-Pressure Science, Nanomaterials

Welcome to the web pages of the Murrie research group

Ni SIMOur research interests are in the synthesis & characterisation of molecular materials and nanomaterials that display novel magnetic, optical or switching properties. These can be broadly split into three areas:

Molecular nanomagnets / single-molecule magnets

Nanomaterials (d- and f-block metal oxides)

The effect of high pressure on molecular materials

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We would like to thank the following for funding:
EPSRC (for current EPSRC funding click here); The Science and Technology Facilities Council; The University of Glasgow; The Nuffield Foundation; The Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland and SYNERGY.

Latest news:

April 2017
** Congratulations to María José on her new 'magnetocaloric ring' paper with our collaborators in Zaragoza in Chem Commun **

March 2017
** New paper with our collaborators at the Laboratoire Léon Brillouin 'Probing photo-induced spin states in spin-crossover molecules with neutron scattering' published in Phys. Rev. B **

January 2017
** Beamtime awarded to use inelastic neutron scattering to probe single-ion magnets at the ISIS neutron source **

December 2016
** New paper with our collaborators in Edinburgh 'Pressure induced enhancement of the magnetic ordering temperature in rhenium(IV) monomers' published in Nature Communications **

** Programme mode application for high-pressure beamtime with our collaborators in Edinburgh funded, giving beamtime on I19 for the next 2 years **

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