Dr. Dean Thomas

Post Doctoral Researcher

Born and bred in the north west of England, I obtained an MChem degree from The University of Manchester in 2017.I completed my final-year project with Dr. Alexander Pulis in the Procter Group working on ‘Hydride-Borrowing Catalysis’.

I then joined the Leigh Group for my postgraduate studies where I researched applications of fuelled artificial molecular machines, including transient catalysis and phase-transfer pumping.

In 2022, I joined the Cronin Group to work on the automation of organic and supramolecular chemistry.

Prof. Leroy (Lee) Cronin

Prof Leroy (Lee) Cronin
Regius Chair of Chemistry
Advanced Research Centre (ARC)
Level 5, Digital Chemistry
University of Glasgow
11 Chapel Lane
Glasgow G11 6EW
Tel: +44 141 330 6650
Email: lee.cronin@glasgow.ac.uk

Positions Available

There are a number of PhD and post doctoral positions available in the Cronin group. For more information please visit www.jobs.ac.uk or contact Professor Lee Cronin directly

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