Forgan Group Funding Portfolio

The Forgan Group is grateful for funding from a number of sources (funding available to Forgan Group quoted at 100% FEC):

"EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Diversity Led, Mission-Driven Research (DiveIn)"

EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training 2024-2033 - Equal CoI (25%) - £11,611,925

"An Electron Diffractometer for Nanomaterial Structure Characterisation"

EPSRC Strategic Equipment Grant 2023-2025 - PI - £1,856,858

"Installing and Controlling Dipolar Rotors in Metal-Organic Frameworks as Ultrafast Liquid Crystal-Analogues"

Royal Society International Exchanges Grant 2022-2024 - PI - £10,600

"Stimuli-Responsive Chiral Induction and Self-Sorting in Peptide Knots and Catenanes"

Leverhulme Trust Research Project Grant 2021-2025 - CoI - £91,420 (of £182,840)

"EPSRC Capital Award for Core Equipment 2020/21"

EPSRC 2020-2022 - CoI - wrote proposal to deliver new equipment to the College of Science and Engineering - £1,089,500

"Multimodal Targeted Delivery Strategies for Hard-to-Treat Cancers"

EPSRC Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration 2018-2023 - CoI - £705,064 (of £10M)

"Radical Chemisorption in Metal-Organic Frameworks for Functionalisation and Purification"

Royal Society Research Fellows Enhancement Scheme 2018-2022 - Sole PI - £101,639

"Modifying MOFs for Catalysis and Purification"

Royal Society University Research Fellowship Renewal 2017-2021 - Sole PI - £469,718

"Combined Chemo- and Radiotherapies by Controlling the Surface Chemistry of Truncated Metal-Organic Framework Nanoparticles (SCoTMOF)"

ERC Starting Grant 2016-2022 - Sole PI - €1,493,777

"Clean Synthesis and Characterization of Superstrong Metal-Organic Frameworks for Practical Applications"

EPSRC Directed Assembly Network 2014 - PI - £12,900

"Biomimetic Guest Selective Metal-Organic Frameworks: Catalysis and Self-Assembly"

EPSRC 2013-2016 - Sole PI - £386,037

"Upgrading the Small Scale Equipment Base for Early Career Researchers in the Engineering and Physical Sciences"

EPSRC 2012-2013 - Co-I - £57,136 (of £447,357)

University of Glasgow Leadership Award

University of Glasgow 2012-2017 - Sole PI - £125,000

“Engineering Metal-Organic Frameworks as Artificial Enzymes”

Royal Society University Research Fellowship 2012-2017 - Sole PI - £609,789

We are also grateful for continued support from STFC for access to the ISIS Neutron and Muon Source, and to Diamond Light Source for multiple synchrotron experiments.

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Updated 12th June 2024.