The Forgan Group

The Forgan Group at the University of Glasgow was established in October 2012, and is always looking for new members - click the Join Us tab for more information. Click here to see previous members of the group, and some group photographs can be found in our Gallery.

Our current group members are:

Pantelis Xydias

Postdoctoral Research Associate 2016-2019

Pantelis joined the group in September 2016, working on the surface modification of MOFs as part of the ERC funded project SCoTMOF. He received his PhD from the University of Crete.

Fatma Duman

Postdoctoral Research Associate 2018-2021

Fatma joined the group in October 2018, and is examining the interaction of MOFs with biological entitiesas part of the ERC funded project SCoTMOF. She received her PhD from Koc University, Istanbul, and was previously a postdoc at UCL Medical School.

Nikolaos Panagiotou

Postdoctoral Research Associate 2019-2020

Nikos joined the group in January 2019 as part of the EPSRC IRC targeting hard to treat cancers. He obtained his PhD at the Institute of Cancer Sciences at the University of Glasgow with our longstanding collaborator Prof Paul Shiels.

Sarah Griffin

PhD Student 2015-2019

BSc (Hons) Research Project 2014-2015

Summer Internship 2014

Sarah has worked on the introduction of alkyne-functionalised ligands into Zr and Hf MOFs, submitting her BSc (hons) thesis in March 2015. She is now a PhD student as part of the CMAC DTC, studying the kinetics and processes of crystallisation of MOFs.

Panagiota Markopoulou

PhD Student 2016-2020

Penny joined the group in October 2016, after completing a Masters degree at the University of Glasgow, and is working on the surface modification of MOFs with biomolecules.

Dominic Bara

PhD Student 2016-2020

Dom joined the group in October 2016, after completing a BSc (hons) degree at the University of Bath with Prof Andrew Burrows, and is working on the surface modification of Iron-based MOFs.

Sophia Boyadjieva

PhD Student 2017-2021

Sophia joined the group after completing a MChem (hons) at the University of Leeds, working with Prof Michaele Hardie. Her PhD focusses on decorating MOFs with biomolecules.

Alexander Thom

PhD Student 2017-2021

BSc (Hons) Research Project 2016-2017

After carrying out an undergraduate project on new methods for postsynthetic modification of MOFs, Ali began a PhD in developing MOFs as small molecule sensors.

Catherine Walshe

PhD Student 2018-2022

Catherine has just begun her PhD on a Royal Society funded project examining postsynthetic modification of MOFs as a methodology for trapping harmful gases.

Ignas PakamorÄ—

PhD Student 2018-2022

Ignas will be focussing on two main areas - crystallographic analysis of MOFs and their binding of catalytic nanoparticles.

Emily Meekel

MSci (Hons) Research Project 2018-2019

Emily is developing new synthetic protocols to control the physical properties of Fe MOFs.

Tommy Loan

MSci (Hons) Research Project 2018-2019

Tommy's work covers the stability of surface coatings on MOF nanoparticles.

Lauren Rae

BSc (Hons) Research Project 2018-2019

Lauren is looking into various new protocols for the isolation of novel scandium MOFs.

Megan Craig

BSc (Hons) Research Project 2018-2019

Megan is developing new routes to ultrasmall Zr MOF nanoparticles.

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