Forgan Group Alumni

Ross Marshall - Undergraduate Project 2012-13 / PhD 2013-2017 / PDRA 2017

Ross was a founding member of the Forgan group, and spent over four years working on a variety of projects, publishing 12 papers to date. After graduation, he has begun studying towards his Professional Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) st the University of Strathclyde.

Emma Regincós Martí - Summer Internship 2017

Emma spent the summer of 2017 working on the self-assembly of lanthanide MOFs, and has gone on to begin a PhD Prof Mark Murrie at the University of Glasgow.

Ciaran Lennon - Undergraduate Project 2016-2017

Ciaran worked on the modulation of Sc MOFs, and has gone on to study for a MSc in Materials Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh.

Sandra Abanades - Summer Internship 2016

Sandra joined the group for 4 weeks as part of her Spanish High School Diploma, and worked on mesoporous Zr MOFs.

Jake McGuire - Undergraduate Project 2015-2016 / Summer Internship 2016

Jake completed his degree after studying metal-binding MOFs, and has taken up a PhD position with Dr Stephen Sproules at the University of Glasgow.

Sabrina Sacca - Undergraduate Project 2015-2016

Sabrina completed her degree at the University of Glasgow after working on the PEGylation of UiO-66 MOFs.

Yaroslav Kalinovskyy - Visiting Student 2015

Yarry, a PhD student with Dr Barry Blight, University of Kent, spent a month working on the synthesis of H-bond donor/acceptor MOFs.

Rachael Hannah - Summer Internship 2015

Rachael, a second year University of Glasgow undergraduate, spent two months working on the synthesis of alkyne-containing MOFs.

Christina Zitzer - Summer Internship 2015

Christina spent two months with the group working on the coordination chemistry of novel tridentate chelate ligands to be incoporated into MOFs. Christina returned to Germany in June 2015.

Joshua Kennedy - Undergraduate Project 2014-2015

Josh joined the Forgan group in September 2014 and studied the incorporation of functionalised linkers into MOFs for his final year project. He graduated from the University of Glasgow in June 2015.

Colin Murphie - Undergraduate Project 2013-2014

Colin joined the Forgan group in September 2013 and studied improving the synthesis of zirconium and hafnium MOFs as part of his final year project. He graduated from the University of Glasgow in June 2014 and now works for BrewDog.

Christina McGuire - Undergraduate Project 2013-2014

Christina joined the group in September 2013 and investigated the various methods for surface modification of MOFs. On graduating from the University of Glasgow in June 2014, she took up a position at the Łódź University of Technology, Poland, and she now works for Select Pharma in Stirling, Scotland.

Mona Struckmann - IAESTE Trainee 2013

Mona spent the summer of 2013 in the group as an IAESTE trainee, working on the functionalisation of MOFs through ligand design and post-synthetic modification, and has returned to her home institution in Oldenburg, Germany, for a PhD.

Aurore Bleine - Erasmus Student 2012-2013

Aurore joined the group in October 2012 from France as an Erasmus student, and studied the effect of introducing amide groups into pyridine-containing pillars in the synthesis of Zn(II) and Cd(II) based MOFs.

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