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The Forgan Group is based in the School of Chemistry at the University of Glasgow. Our research focusses on the development and application of metal-organic frameworks, MOFs, which are porous inorganic-organic hybrid constructs. For more information on our projects involving biomimetic catalysis and drug delivery, click the Research tab.

Latest News

09/01/2018 Dr Forgan has received a new grant from the Royal Society to examine chemisorption in MOFs. Click here for more news stories.

Current Vacancies

We currently have one PhD vacancy for an October 2018 start, and self-funded students are welcomed all year round. Interested applicants should contact Dr Forgan directly by email, with a cover letter and copy of your CV. Placements and internships for 2017-18 are also being considered - email for details.

The Forgan Group has no PDRA positions available at present, but a position will be available in September 2018. If you have or wish to apply for external funding to work with Dr Forgan, please email him directly. If you are interested in working with the Forgan Group at any stage of your research career, click on the Join Us tab for more information.


Dr Forgan currently administers the 3rd year Inorganic Laboratories and teaches the Chemistry 1 Transition Metals lecture course - click here for additional materials. If you have any questions, please contact Dr Forgan by email.

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Updated 15th February 2018.