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Wednesday 4th April 2007
University Newsletter: Refurbished Chem-moo-stry cow unveiled

Saturday 17th March 2007
The Scotsman: Period Table column: Chem-moo-stry

Thursday 15th March 2007

Glasgow Evening Times: Moo-ve over for Uni's new science star

Wednesday 14th March 2007
Chem-moo-stry cow unveiled by Prof. Anne Glover - photo gallery.
Interview on BBC Radio Scotland's Radio Cafe - Listen Again here.
Red Orbit Sci-Tech News Website coverage here.
The cow unveiling on Flickr - see here and here.

Tuesday 13th March 2007
Edinburgh Evening News: Cow on the moo-ve
Glasgow Evening Times: Chem-moo-stry is right at Glasgow

Monday 12th March 2007
Press Release: Chief Scientific Advisor for Scotland to unveil refurbished chem-moo-stry cow website coverage here.

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Public Feedback

A selection of comments about

"We visited the website… and we are glad that we did … it was a pleasure. It has been especially interesting to see the chemist in his diving gear and read about his lab on a small boat at sea. We had heard of marine biologists before but hadn't really given much thought to marine chemists extracting substances from sea life!"

"Fascinating! We loved seeing science meeting art."

"That's the first cow I've actually stopped to look at!"

"We were just laughing at the bad jokes. They're good like!"

"I've never seen a cow like that with a moo-croscope..."

"Yay!! The chem-moo-stry cow rocks!!"

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