Publishing Results

Click here to find out how to optimise dSNAP and PolySNAP graphics displays for publication.

Compare programs

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SNAP software is developed by the Theoretical Crystallography group at the University of Glasgow, and is exclusively distributed by Bruker AXS.
PolySNAP Demo

A fully functional, but time-limited demonstration version of either PolySNAP 3 or PolySNAP M is available on request.

Please visit The Bruker PolySnap website to request a demo.

System Requirements

PolySNAP requires a modern, high-specification PC running Microsoft Windows XP SP1 or later.
Additionally, a monitor with minimum 1024 x 768 resolution at 32 bit colour depth is needed.

Graphics cards with OpenGL optimisation are recommended. The graphics demands can be considerable when a large number of structures are being displayed.

Average Run-Times

On a 2.4 Ghz Intel Xeon with 512 Mb RAM, running Windows 2000 Professional SP4, some approximate program run-times are shown below.
Times are assuming no delays waiting for data, and are measured from launching the program to the results display screen being displayed:
No. of Patterns Run-Time
50 10s
96 20s
200 1m
400 5m
600 15m
800 30m
1000 1h 5m