Publishing Results

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SNAP software is developed by the Theoretical Crystallography group at the University of Glasgow, and is exclusively distributed by Bruker AXS.
High Throughput Analyses of Large Datasets
                                                  dSNAP PolySNAP M PolySNAP 3
Program Type FREE Commercial Commercial
Input Data Types Geometric Data only Powder XRD Powder XRD, Raman, IR, DSC, Numeric, Other...
Max number of Datasets per run 1 1 4
Max Number of Samples per Dataset 4000 96 1500
Combine datasets No No Yes
Automatic Weighting Scheme No No Yes
6D plots of sample prep info No No Yes
Sample JPEG  display No No Yes
Cluster Validation Tools No No Yes
Report Writer No No Yes
Re-run selected analysis Yes No Yes
No. of clustering methods 5 1 5
Online documentation Yes Yes Yes
Program Tutorial Yes Yes Yes
Customisable Analysis Methods No No Yes
Manual Matching Options No Yes Yes
Interactive Dendrograms Yes Yes Yes
3D MMDS Plots Yes Yes Yes
3D PCA Plots No Yes Yes
Numerical Results Yes Yes Yes
Audit-trail Logfile Yes Yes Yes
Amorphous Identification No Yes Yes
Reference patterns for mixtures No Yes Yes
Command-line run options No No Yes
Quality Control mode No No Yes
Pattern Thumbnail Viewer No  No Yes