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SNAP software is developed by the Theoretical Crystallography group at the University of Glasgow, and is exclusively distributed by Bruker AXS.
dSNAP - Manuals, Tutorials and Help Files
All manuals, tutorials and tutorial data files are automatically installed along with the dSNAP software. However, individual manuals can be found here for reference.

Full Program Manual
[PDF file - 12Mb]
Tutorial [PDF file - 6Mb]

Quick Start Guides
Nomenclature in dSNAP [PDF file - 100K]
Preparing and Importing Data [PDF file - 100K]
Reading a Dendrogram [PDF file - 100K]
Using the 3D Fragment Viewer [PDF file - 100K]
Interpreting & Validating Results [PDF file - 100K]
Including your own CIFs[PDF file - 100K]
Preparing images for publication[PDF file - 100K]