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SNAP software is developed by the Theoretical Crystallography group at the University of Glasgow, and is exclusively distributed by Bruker AXS.
dSNAP Software Download

dSNAP Version 1.0.0 

Click here to download the dSNAP installer (23Mb). This includes a full tutorial and help documentation.
You can download the manual and tutorial separately here if you prefer.

Software Requirements

  • In order to search the Cambridge Crystallographic Database to provide the structural information dSNAP uses, access to a registered copy of ConQuest is needed.
  • To visualise structures in 3D a registered copy of the visualisation program Mercury is recommended.

System Requirements

  • dSNAP requires a modern, high-specification PC running Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4 or Windows XP SP1/SP2.
  • Additionally, a monitor with minimum 1024 X 768 resolution at 32 bit colour depth is needed.
  • Graphics cards with OpenGL optimisation are recommended. The graphics demands can be considerable when a large number of structures are being displayed.